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Dynamic Video Sales Playbook
Dynamic Video Sales Playbook
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This is a playbook for how to be successful using Dynamic Video Sales on MediaZilla

1. Structure Your Packages for Success

When you structure your packages, it's essential to prioritize delivering exceptional value and crafting personalized experiences for your clients. By offering your services and deliverables through an à la carte or add-on model, you empower your clients with the ability to tailor their packages to their specific needs and budget. This approach not only caters to the unique preferences and expectations of each client but also strategically positions your business to attract and accommodate those with larger budgets, enhancing both client satisfaction and your revenue potential.

At the core of your packages should be the event coverage itself—emphasize the availability of additional hours or days of filming and the option for extra videographers and drone footage. This approach not only ensures comprehensive event coverage but also maximizes the raw footage you have to work with in post production. By prioritizing more extensive coverage over the inclusion of various deliverables, you create the opportunity to upsell a variety of additional deliverables after the event.

When targeting the high-end market, your package structure should reflect the premium quality and inclusiveness your clients expect. For these discerning clients, you set a minimum standard that defines your brand and the caliber of your work. This means your base package includes any additional videographers, assistants, equipment, and drone services needed to maintain the luxurious, cinematic quality your films are known for. At this level, pricing becomes more about the scope of event coverage—mainly, how many days are required on-site and what are the activities needing coverage rather than a detailed breakdown of each service.

Once the event is captured in its entirety, you are in an excellent position to offer an array of edited footage options, whether it's extended versions, short films, highlights, or different social media edits, each at its own price point. This way, you're not just selling a service; you're creating an experience that can be customized extensively, enhancing client satisfaction and maximizing your revenue potential by making sales after the client’s initial budget limitations. By adopting this strategy, you ensure that your offering is both adaptable and comprehensive, catering to a wide array of client preferences and increasing the likelihood of additional post-event purchases.

2. Sign up for MediaZilla

Before getting started, create an account with MediaZilla if you don’t already have one. The free trial will let you test out all the monetization features, but once that expires you will need a Pro Lite plan or above to access Dynamic Video Sales. Following this guide should not only cover the costs of MediaZilla but also generate significant additional revenue, effectively making the service free and creating a new revenue stream for your business.

3. Link Your Account with Stripe

Before you can start collecting money and using MediaZilla’s monetization features, you must link your MediaZilla account to a Stripe account. Payments from clients are made directly into your bank account configured via Stripe. Don’t have a Stripe account yet? No problem! Setup is easy with or without an existing Stripe account and should only take a few minutes.

4. Create a Presentation

The next step is to create a project in the dashboard, upload all the videos to it, and create a presentation.

This presentation will act as the client's access point for viewing their purchased content and offer them opportunities to purchase additional content.

If you will be utilizing Dynamic Video Sales with an existing presentation that was already delivered to a client, there is no need to create a new presentation. You can simply edit the existing presentation and add the add-ons to it.

5. Create Add-ons with Dynamic Video Sales

Now for the fun part, creating the add-ons using Dynamic Video Sales!

How it Works

The feature works by having you select buttons within the presentation that you’ve set up and specifying them as being add-ons. Add-ons aren’t limited to videos either. It could also be a link button or a submenu button containing lots of content. You will then give that add-on a price, a title, and a description, and access to it will become locked for viewers until they purchase it. This applies to viewers of the share link and those to which you have privately delivered the presentation. Users added to your MediaZilla company account do not pay to access add-on content, as it is automatically unlocked for any user of your company.

Add-ons That Are Already Edited

If the add-on is a video that's already been edited and is ready to go, simply upload it and add it to the presentation menu as you would with a normal video.

External Links as Add-ons

If you will be selling access to a cloud storage folder for raw footage or some other external link, just create a link button as you would normally.

Submenus as Add-ons

If you will be selling access to an entire submenu of content, whether it contains a chapter selection or various separate videos, go ahead and create the submenu normally.

Add-ons that Have Not Yet Been Edited

If you have not yet edited the video being offered as an add-on, you will want to upload and use a short temporary video as a placeholder for it. You could export a 10 second clip from your editing program that has text saying something like:

Thank you for your purchase.
We are diligently working on your order and will have it ready within 2 weeks.

It’s important to note that you cannot have multiple add-ons reference the same video in a presentation. When you set a video button as being an add-on, all buttons that reference that same video in the presentation will be locked as well and considered part of the same add-on. As such, if you want to have multiple add-ons in a single presentation that require a placeholder video, you will need to upload a placeholder video for each add-on you will be offering in that presentation. You can reuse the same several placeholder videos across all your projects instead of having to upload new ones for each project.

6. Configuring Dynamic Video Sales

Once you’ve added all your add-ons and/or placeholder add-ons to the presentation menu, now it’s time to configure them.

At the top-right of the presentation editor, click the '$' icon to configure Dynamic Video Sales. This will take you directly to the Dynamic Video Sales tab of the monetization settings of the presentation.

Next, ensure the currency is set correctly for your project. Your selection automatically becomes the new default for new projects.

Now click the blue ‘Select Add-ons’ button, then click on the buttons in the presentation on the right that you want set as add-ons. Once selected, you will see them appear as an add-on in the Dynamic Video Sales tab. Selecting it again will remove the add-on status of the button.

Once you have finished selecting all the buttons you want as add-ons, click ‘Done’ on the left.

You will now want to go through your list of add-ons and make sure the title, description, and price is to your liking. This information will appear to the viewer when they attempt to access the content. If the content uses a placeholder video and requires a turnaround time to complete, we strongly recommend communicating this in the description to set expectations and avoid an unhappy client that might be expecting to view it immediately upon purchase. Here is an example add-on description you might use for a Full length ceremony:

This is a full-length multi-camera edit of the ceremony.

Please allow up to 2 weeks to complete once purchased. We will notify you when it is ready to watch!

Once everything looks good, you can use the “Preview” button to see how the client/viewer will experience it. The preview does not contain the checkout screen where they enter their payment information, but rather simulates a successful purchase when you select an add-on and click “Checkout”.

If the preview looks good, you can now ‘Publish’ the presentation.

7. Deliver

Once you’ve finished configuring the Dynamic Video Sales, it’s time to deliver it to the client.

If you are delivering the content to a specific client or clients, you should send them a private delivery. This will ensure they can access the content via the MediaZilla app which provides the best experience.

Alternatively, you can share a link to or embed the presentation using the Share Link, allowing anyone to access the presentation and purchase the add-ons. Customers who make an add-on purchase using the share link are automatically sent a private delivery of the presentation so they can securely access their purchase(s).

8. Fulfilling Purchases

When a client successfully completes a purchase, you will receive an email notifying you of the sale. The email will include the following info:

  • Time and date of purchase

  • Name and email address of the client

  • Title of the add-on and from which presentation it was purchased

  • The total amount the client paid

If you weren’t using any placeholders for content when you initially setup the add-on, and the content was already part of the presentation, then there is nothing else you need to do! The add-on becomes unlocked for the client as soon as they make the purchase.

However, if you used a placeholder video to sell content that had not yet been prepared, you will need to work on fulfilling the order within the turnaround time you provided in the description.

Use the successful sale notification email from MediaZilla to determine which add-on was purchased and for which presentation. This will ensure you fulfill the correct item. The turnaround time you provided to the client starts when the purchase is made, so be sure to put that date in your calendar and get it delivered before then to avoid an unhappy client and a chargeback or refund request.

Once you finish editing/preparing the video purchased by the client, there are two different ways to update the placeholder video:

  1. If you want to keep the placeholder video on MediaZilla for some reason, such as you are using it in another presentation for a different video or want to save it for future use as a placeholder, then you will want to upload the finished video normally as a new video, then use the ‘Change Video’ option in the button properties of the add-on. You will want to change the referenced video of the button from the placeholder video to the newly uploaded edited video and publish the changes.

  2. If you don’t want to keep the placeholder video on MediaZilla and just want to replace the video, locate the video in your dashboard (outside the presentation editor), and use the “Replace” option from the context menu of the placeholder video.

Once you update the referenced video using your preferred method, you will want to notify the client(s) that the video they purchased is now available to watch from the presentation menu.

10. Upselling Past Clients

Like most video professionals, you probably have dozens of hard drives sitting on shelves or a massive NAS / Cloud storage containing all the raw footage and project files from past clients. Instead of collecting dust, wouldn’t you like to turn those files into a new revenue stream?

We’ll go over a few different approaches you can take depending on how they were originally delivered.

Past Project Wasn’t Delivered via MediaZilla

If you have past projects that weren't initially delivered via MediaZilla, this is the perfect opportunity to offer them a big upgrade to their viewing experience. Send a personalized email offering to "future-proof" their films by transitioning them to MediaZilla, where they can enjoy high-quality, lifetime streaming access on any device, from any location. Alongside this, present the available add-ons that they might have missed out on initially, such as a doc edit, raw footage and alternate short edits (teasers, edits for social media, etc.). Highlight the benefits of the MediaZilla platform, emphasizing the convenience, enhanced accessibility, and superior viewing experience, encouraging clients to invest in this upgrade and any additional content you can provide.

Furthermore, to increase conversions on the outreach, you could produce a short video and link to it in the email. Here is a video Matt Davis of Life Stage Films created for this purpose:

When a client responds and wants to take you up on the offer, you can then collect the payment, upload the files to MediaZilla, and deliver the presentation. You can also use the paywall feature to collect the initial payment by creating a presentation, setting its price, and sending the paywall link to the client.

Don’t forget to include all the available add-on options in the presentation that had not yet been purchased. Even if the client didn’t initially agree to purchase them, they could easily change their mind, especially after viewing their film again and experiencing it on MediaZilla.

Example Email to Use As A Starting Point (modify to fit your needs and pricing using your own voice)

Subject: Upgrade to a Timeless Viewing Experience

Hi [Client's Name],

I hope the memories we captured at your [event type] are still bringing you joy. As part of my commitment to ensuring these memories are preserved in the best possible way, I'd like to offer you an upgrade to a more secure and modern viewing platform.

Your film was originally delivered on a [USB drive/DVD], which, while great, can deteriorate or become lost or damaged over time. To future-proof your cherished memories, we can now transition your event film to MediaZilla. This platform functions like your personal Netflix, where you can view your film in [4K/HD] from any device, anytime. It's securely backed up in the cloud, ensuring it remains safe and accessible for future generations.

This one-time upgrade to MediaZilla is [enter a price, such as $150], and the service itself is completely free to use. Additionally, I can provide these à la carte options:
[list your available add-ons, example below]
Full Ceremony Film: $1,000
Full Reception Film: $1,000
Raw footage: $1,500
1 minute teaser film: $500
25 minute extended film: $1,500

Here's a quick link to see what this looks like and how it works: [Link to your video promoting this (optional)]

If you’re interested, just reply to this email and I’ll set everything up for you.


[Your Name]
[Your Contact Information]
[Your Business Name]

Past Project Was Delivered via MediaZilla

If you are revisiting a past project already delivered with MediaZilla then the client is already familiar with the premium viewing experience it provides, and your focus should be on the add-ons available, the value they provide, and how they go about making the purchase.

Example Email to Use as a Starting Point (modify to fit your needs and pricing using your own voice)

Subject: Enhance Your [Event Type] Film with Exclusive Add-Ons

Hi [Client's Name],

I hope this message finds you well and that you continue to enjoy reliving the wonderful moments from your [event type]. It’s always a pleasure to know that the films we create hold a special place in our clients’ lives.

I have some great additions available to enhance your experience even further. You might have noticed some new options available from the menu of your film. These à la carte options are designed to enrich your film and provide even more ways to enjoy and share your memories.

Available à la carte options include:
[list your available add-ons, example below]
Full Ceremony Film: A full-length multi-camera edit of the ceremony
Full Reception Film: A full-length multi-camera edit of the reception including toasts
Raw Footage: Gain access to all the unedited footage files for archiving and peace of mind
1 Minute Teaser Film: A Perfect bite-sized version of your film tailored for sharing on social platforms
25 Minute Extended Film: A longer form version of your film with our signature editing style throughout

If any of these options interest you, they can be easily purchased directly from the menu of your film on MediaZilla. Simply log in to your account, navigate to your film, and you’ll find the options ready for selection. It’s a great way to add to your original film, especially if there were aspects of your event you wanted to revisit or share in a new way.

Thank you once again for choosing us to capture your [event type]. If you have any questions about these add-ons or need assistance with your purchase, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best regards,

[Your Name]
[Your Contact Information]
[Your Business Name]
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