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How do I connect Stripe to my MediaZilla account?
How do I connect Stripe to my MediaZilla account?
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MediaZilla has partnered with Stripe to reach more customers worldwide and ensure global compliance requirements.


From the monetize settings of a video or presentation, select “Connect Stripe” at the top.

Alternatively, you can connect to Stripe from the Integrations tab of your company settings. Click on the 3 dots to the right of Stripe and select "Connect".

This will launch the Stripe connection page. From here you can sign into an existing Stripe account or create a new account.

Connect to an Existing Stripe Account

  1. The email field will pre-populate with the email address of your MediaZilla account. If your Stripe email is different, please update it and then click "Continue".

  2. Enter your password and click "Log In".

  3. If prompted, provide the two-factor authentication code from your mobile device.

  4. Next, it asks you if you want to create a new business or use the existing one. Most likely you will want to select the existing business that you’ve already created so you don’t need to provide all your identity information again. Then “Continue”.

  5. Stripe then needs to know some information about how you will be selling the content. We recommend selecting the following:

    1. Your customers are Businesses and Consumers

    2. You will be selling Digital Goods.

    3. Your customers pay before they receive the product, and Your customers pay and the product is immediately accessible.

    4. Average time between payment charge and when the customer receives the product is Less than 2 weeks

    5. The percentage charged as a deposit, down payment, or advanced payment is 0%

    6. Do you use any of the funds before the good is delivered? No

      Then click “Continue”

  6. The last step has you review everything about your company and the bank account associated with payouts. If everything looks good, click Submit and this will finalize connecting your Stripe account. It then takes you back to your MediaZilla dashboard where it should indicate your Stripe account is Active.

    You can now enable the monetize feature on any video or presentation.

Note: When you link an existing Stripe account, a new sub-account will be created in your Stripe dashboard.

Connect to a New Stripe Account

  1. Confirm the pre-populated email is what you want to use for your Stripe account, then click Continue.

  2. You will need to provide some information about your company for global compliance purposes. You will not be able to monetize content until Stripe has received all the information they request to verify your identity.

  3. Once your Stripe account has been set up, you will be directed back to MediaZilla. This connection process only needs to be completed once for your MediaZilla account. Once connected, you will not need to connect it again for other videos or presentations.

Stripe Connection Statuses

If your MediaZilla account is not associated with any Stripe account, it will display a status of Not Connected.

When new Stripe accounts are created during the connection process, the status may indicate as Pending for a few minutes while Stripe verifies your identity.

If Stripe was unable to automatically verify your identity or needs more information from you to complete your account setup, your status will indicate as Not Active. To resolve this, go into your dashboard on Stripe and look for messages at the top informing you of what information is missing to complete your account setup.

If you abandoned the setup process partway through, you may need to disconnect your Stripe account and start the process over.

You will know the connection was successful and content is ready to be monetized when it displays your Stripe account as being "Active".

Disconnect a Stripe Account

If you need to connect your MediaZilla account to a different Stripe account, or no longer want your Stripe account connected to your MediaZilla account, you will need to disconnect the currently connected Stripe account. From the Integrations tab, click on the three dots to the right of Stripe, then select "Disconnect".

If you enable the paywall for a video or presentation, and then disconnect your Stripe account, the paywall page will become disabled until you reconnect to a Stripe account. To prevent any disruption in sales from your customers, make sure you always have an Active Stripe account connected.

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