MediaZilla has partnered with Stripe to reach more customers worldwide and ensure global compliance requirements.

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Written Overview

From the monetize section of a video or collection’s settings, select “Connect Stripe” at the top. This will launch the Stripe connection page. From here you can sign into an existing Stripe account or create a new account.

If you will be creating a new account, you will need to provide some information about your company for global compliance purposes. You will not be able to monetize content until Stripe has received all the information they request to verify your identity.

Once your Stripe account has been set up, or you sign into an existing Stripe account, you will be directed back to MediaZilla.

You will know the connection was successful and content is ready to be monetized when it displays your Stripe account as being "Active".

When new Stripe accounts are created during the connection process, the status may indicate as Pending for a few minutes while Stripe verifies your identity.

If Stripe was unable to automatically verify your identity or needs more information from you to complete your account setup, your status will indicate as Not Active. To resolve this, go into your dashboard on Stripe and look for messages at the top informing you of what information is missing to complete your account setup.

This process only needs to be completed once for your MediaZilla account. Once connected, you will not need to connect it again for other videos or collections.

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