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Collecting presales is simple:

  1. Create a collection and give it an appropriate title (you can even include "Presale" in the title)

  2. Provide an informative description in the metadata. We recommend making it clear the content is not available yet, that it is just for presale, and approximately when the customer should expect it to be made available.

  3. Upload a nice background image to represent the content

  4. Publish the collection

  5. Enable the paywall in the Monetize section of its Settings.

  6. Use the paywall URL to collect presales for the content. When customers purchase it, they can immediately add the collection to their library.

  7. Once the video is ready to release, add it to the collection menu and publish the changes. All those who had purchased the collection will now see the video when they load it in their library.

  8. Inform all those who purchased that the video is now available to view.

If the presales are for a video of an event, we recommend creating a QR code of the paywall url and distributing it at the event for maximum sales.

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