Making your videos and collections available for purchase on MediaZilla is simple. All Pro plans and above have access to this feature.

Video Overview

Written Overview

  1. Go into the settings of the video or collection you want to sell by clicking its title in your dashboard and select “Settings”. Then from the left side panel, select “Monetize”.

  2. Before you can monetize your content, you must first connect your MediaZilla account to a Stripe account (one-time process) using the “Connect Stripe” button at the top. If you do not have an existing Stripe account, one is created during the connection process.

  3. Once connected, the status of your Stripe account will show as 'Active', 'Pending', or 'Not Active'. 'Pending' indicates Stripe is still verifying your information (usually takes a few minutes). 'Not Active' indicates Stripe needs information from you to complete your account setup (complete from your Stripe dashboard). Once your Stripe account status becomes 'Active', you can then enable the paywall for that video or collection.

  4. Once enabled, set the price and currency of the content in the field below.

  5. Save the changes and use the provided paywall link to sell access to the content.


A preview of the paywall page is displayed on the right.

Paywall Link vs Share Link

The Paywall Link is completely separate from the Share Link, which can also be enabled at the same time. For example, you could provide simple password protected access to some people using the share link, and paid access for others using the paywall link.

Customer's Purchase Experience

Learn more about the customer’s purchase experience as well as customizing the email they receive to access the content.


The commission amount (portion collected by MediaZilla) is displayed as well. The commission percentage will depend on your MediaZilla membership plan. For Enterprise pricing, please contact us through the live support channel or send us an email at

Collecting Presales

You can even use the monetize feature to collect presales before the video is ready! Learn more about this process.

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