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How do I collect sales tax on content I sell?
How do I collect sales tax on content I sell?
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MediaZilla supports collecting sales tax on your monetized content if your state or country requires this for non-tangible digital goods.

To enable tax collection, you must first configure your Stripe account to collect sales tax (details below). Then, simply contact MediaZilla support and we will enable this functionality on your account.

Please carefully follow the instructions below on enabling the collection of sales tax in your Stripe account.

Step 1 - Connect Stripe

Confirm you have connected your Stripe account to your MediaZilla account on your company integrations page.

Step 2 - Enable Automatic Tax

Once connected, navigate to your Stripe Dashboard and then go to the Stripe Tax page.

Click the large "Get Started" button. The default Tax Settings should be okay.

Step 3 - Add Tax Registration

Navigate to the Tax Registration page and click "Add Registration" to add a tax registration to your Stripe account.

Step 4 - Contact MediaZilla

Once you have added the tax registration to your account, contact MediaZilla using the Live Support chat on the right side of your MediaZilla dashboard.

Failure to setup Stripe to collect sales tax prior to MediaZilla enabling this on your account could result in the checkout page not loading for your customers.

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