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How do I privately deliver content?
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Sending a Private Delivery

Navigate to the Privately Deliver Settings

To deliver a video or presentation to someone, navigate to its 'Privately Deliver' settings. You can do this multiple ways:

  1. Click on the thumbnail of the video or presentation in your dashboard to launch it, then click the 'Privately Deliver' button in the upper-right corner.

  2. Click on the thumbnail of the video or presentation in your dashboard to launch it, then click on the deliver icon on the left side panel.

  3. Click on the 3 dots in the lower-right corner of the video or presentation in your dashboard to open the context menu, then go to Share > Privately Deliver.

Enter the Email of the Recipient(s)

Once the Privately Deliver section is expanded, enter the recipients email or emails into the 'To' field. You can enter up to 500 at a time. If you need to send more than 500, they can simply be sent in batches of 500. You can also copy/paste the emails from a spreadsheet for efficiency.

Provide a Custom Message

In the message field, you can enter a custom message that will appear in the invitation email. This message is optional.

Set Permissions

Set the permissions that the recipients will have once they take possession of the content.

Specify an Email Template or Edit the Design

Set the email template that will be used for the delivery using the Template dropdown. You can also edit the design and manage the templates by clicking on the 'Edit Design' button towards the bottom.


As you modify the custom message and design of the email, you will see a quick preview at the bottom of the Privately Deliver settings. To see a full screen preview, along with toggles for how it will look on various devices, click the 'Preview' button. You can also send yourself a test email from the preview screen.

Send the Delivery

Once you have entered the email address(es) of the recipients, entered a custom message (optional), specified the permissions and design, then you are ready to send. Simply click the 'Send' button towards the bottom of the Privately Deliver section.

The Delivery Experience

After you send a Private Delivery to someone, they receive a nicely designed branded email (branding requires pro plan or above) inviting them to view the video or presentation you sent them.

The "View Now" button in the email takes the recipient to a client portal page where they are guided to create their own free account or sign in to an existing account, after which the video or presentation is automatically added to their account. The account is required for authentication purposes, and a Google account can be used to make the process even easier.

The client portal page url from the Private Delivery email is a one-time use link so it cannot be passed around to others. Once the recipient uses it to create an account, subsequent visits to the link will take them directly to the video or presentation in their account. If the viewer is not signed in, it will indicate the invitation has been used and they must sign in to view it.
The Private Delivery can be used even if the share link is disabled. If the share link is disabled, only those who have the content in their account can view it. Recipients of the Private Delivery are not able to share the content with others unless you have enabled the share link or give them distribution permission.
Once a recipient has taken possession of the Private Delivery and signed into their account, they do not need a password to access the content even if you have one set in the Share Link settings.

What if the Recipient Already Has an Account?

If the person you privately deliver content to already has a MediaZilla account, in addition to the delivery email they will also see a notification in their MediaZilla dashboard informing them they have been sent a video or presentation from you. From this notification they can choose to 'Accept' or 'Decline' the delivery. If they Accept, the content will be added to their library. If they decline, the notification will disappear without adding it to their library. They will still be able to add the project to their library from the delivery email after declining.

Sending Multiple Deliveries to the Same Person?

To improve the experience of companies delivering multiple projects to viewers, recipients become automatically subscribed to you once they have accepted your delivery. Any future deliveries you send to the same recipient will automatically be added to their library without the need for them to 'Accept' it.

If you deliver multiple projects at once, after the recipient accepts just one, the remainder of the deliveries will instantly be added to their library so they do not have to manually go to each delivery email and accept it. This is a huge time saver!

When you send a new delivery to someone who is subscribed to you (they previously accepted a delivery from you), they will receive a notification in their MediaZilla dashboard informing them a new project has been added to their library, with an option to view it in their library. There is no option for them to 'Accept' or 'Decline', as deliveries are automatically accepted instantly while they are subscribed to your company.

When a person is subscribed to a company, they will still receive the delivery email of new projects, however the email has a few minor differences.

  1. The email subject informs them the video or presentation "has been added to your MediaZilla library" instead of the subject saying your company has sent them a video or presentation via MediaZilla. If you are using a custom subject with your delivery email instead of the default subject, your custom subject will still be used.

  2. There is a line added near the bottom of the delivery email giving them the option to unsubscribe so they no longer automatically accept deliveries from you: "If you no longer wish to have content from [company name of sender] automatically added to your library, you may unsubscribe."

If a recipient chooses to unsubscribe from a company using the link in the delivery email, they will still continue to receive delivery emails sent to them by that company, but they will not automatically be added to their library. Once they accept a new delivery, they are automatically subscribed again.

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