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What branding options exist for Private Delivery?
What branding options exist for Private Delivery?
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Your company name is seen throughout the Private Delivery process by your client, so please review your company profile in your account settings prior to sending a Private Delivery. Below we will use an example company with the name "Brighter Lights Media". You can change the company name at any time.

Private Delivery Email:

Your email will appear to come from your company name in your client's inbox:

Brighter Lights Media <>

The "reply-to" address of the email will be the company email address specified in your company profile settings.

The email subject can be modified in the delivery email design editor, but the default uses your company name and indicates whether a video or presentation was sent to the recipient:

Subject: Brighter Lights Media has sent you a presentation via MediaZilla

Email Body
Your company name or logo (depending on how you configured the email design) will appear at the top of the email. The title of the video or presentation is displayed in large text. The custom message that you specified when dispatching the delivery will appear at the bottom of the email body, and supports line breaks and links (example below). The "powered by MediaZilla" is displayed very small at the bottom as it is important the client knows with which platform they are creating an account. They will need to know this for future access of the content as well as locating the MediaZilla app in the app store.


Private Delivery Portal:

Your company name is displayed at the top of the portal page along with the title of the video or presentation. The poster frame of the video or presentation is displayed large in the background.

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