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What can I do on MediaZilla?
What can I do on MediaZilla?
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Upload, Manage, and Share Your Videos

MediaZilla can be used to upload, manage, share (privately or publicly), and embed your videos. Videos can also be imported from Google Drive and Dropbox for a streamlined workflow.

Create Presentations

Unique to MediaZilla, you can also create Presentations to showcase videos with a customized immersive menu, similar to a DVD, Blu-ray, or Netflix. This is a great way to package one or multiple videos and external content into a single deliverable, with a premium viewing experience accessible on any device through a browser or the MediaZilla app. Just like a standalone video, a Presentation can also be shared, embedded, monetized, and privately delivered.

Privately Deliver Your Videos

Once content has been privately delivered, viewers take possession of it in their own free account, and can access it from a web browser or through the free MediaZilla App, providing a premium viewing experience.

Monetize Your Content

You can easily sell your videos or presentations directly through MediaZilla. It's quick to setup, and the viewing is secure.

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