The Digital Delivery sends the recipient a unique url (different from the Share Link) which takes them to a client portal page where they create their own free account or sign in to an existing account, after which the video or collection is automatically added to their account.

The Digital Delivery url is a one-time use link so they cannot pass it around to others. Once the link has been used to create an account, subsequent visits to the link will go directly to the video or collection in their account. If the viewer is not signed in, it will indicate the invitation has been used and they must sign in to view it.

The Digital Delivery can be used even if the share link is disabled. If the share link is disabled, only those who have the content in their account can view it. Recipients of the Digital Delivery are not able to share content with others unless you have enabled the share link. This method is useful for those selling access to many recipients of the same content.

Once a recipient has taken possession of the Digital Delivery and signed into their account, they do not need a password to access the content even if you have one set in the Share Link settings.

For a detailed description with images of the Digital Delivery process, please see our Client Experience page.

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