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What is the difference between using Privately Deliver and a Share Link?
What is the difference between using Privately Deliver and a Share Link?
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Share Link

The Share Link is for sharing the video or presentation on social media or if you just want to give someone quick access to it without the need to create an account.

Private Delivery

The Private Delivery sends the recipient a unique URL (different from the share URL) which allows them to take possession of the video or presentation in their own free account. They will then always have access to it even if you close your account. This is required to view content through our apps. If the recipient only has the share link, they will only be able to view the project in a web browser.

Understanding Delivered vs. Undelivered Content

Delivered Content

Content is "delivered" when it is added to another user's active account (free or paid). This includes videos that are part of a presentation; they are automatically considered "delivered" and don't require separate delivery. To add content to another user's account, you should use the private delivery feature.

Undelivered Content

"Undelivered" content refers to videos and presentations that only exist in the account of the content creator and have not been added to another active user's account. Simply sharing a link to the content with a viewer does not count as "delivered."

Why It Matters

It's essential to understand this distinction, as it affects the accessibility of your content based on our Terms of Service and Cancellation Policy. If your account becomes canceled, any undelivered content will become inaccessible and will eventually be deleted from our platform. However, delivered content remains accessible as long as it is in the account of at least one active user.

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