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How do I customize my delivery emails with my brand?
How do I customize my delivery emails with my brand?

Customize the emails with a logo, hero image, colors, and more...

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You can customize the emails your delivery recipients receive when you send them a video or presentation using the Private Delivery feature (Pro and Business only).

To customize, navigate to the "Privately Deliver" options for a video or presentation.

To edit the design of the email, click on "Edit Design" at the bottom.

Select the template you want to start with.

You can change the template's name, mark it as default or delete the template by clicking on the template options (3 dots).

Note: You cannot delete a template if it is currently the default. You also cannot delete or rename the provided 'Classic' template.

You will have different options to edit:

- Company name

- Subject

- Header

- Hero Image

- Email content

- Style


This is the email's subject that your user or client will receive.

You can add a "Preview Text," which briefly describes the email.


You can enable or change the header image (we recommend using a logo here).

If you disable the header image, the header text will be shown in its place.

Hero Image:

This is the image at the top of the body of the email.

The current poster frame will be used by default. You can upload your own custom image as well. We recommend an image width of at least 1200 pixels.

If you do not want your email to include a hero image, you can disable this option.


In the content section, you can customize the headline, which appears as large text below the hero image. By default it will use the title of the media. If you want to customize this, disable the "use title" option, and then enter your own headline in the field below.

You can also add a personalized message for your users or clients, and it can be a greeting, a personal message, or anything you want.


Here you can modify the colors for the background, header text, View Now button, and button text.

Want to use the same design with another project? Be sure to click "Save as Template" and either save over the existing template or enter a name of a new template. When you are done, don't forget to save your design at the top.

You can see how the message will look by clicking "Preview".

and send yourself a test by clicking on "Send Me a Test Email."

You can also toggle between different available templates by clicking the dropdown for "Template".

You can also add your logo, website, and social media data to your videos and presentations. Learn more here: How do I add my branding to content?

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