How do I add my branding to content?

Customize content with logo, website, company and social media data

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This option will allow you to add your company information to your videos and presentations.

Begin by updating your company profile information that will be used to brand your media (Click here to modify my company profile).

To enable your branding for a video or presentation, click on it's thumbnail in your dashboard to open it.

Then, select the "Branding" icon on the left menu.

Enable the "branding" toggle (only available for Pro and Business plans), and then choose which elements will be displayed to viewers (Logo, Website, Phone, Email, and social media links).

Once enabled, you will immediately see the branding appear on your media to the right.

Your viewers will see your logo in the lower-left corner of the presentation or video. On hover, your company name with the text "learn more" is also displayed. When clicked, your all your company information will be displayed for easy access.

On mobile, your company logo will display at the top. Tapping it will display your company information.

You can also customize the Private Delivery email received by the recipient. Learn more here: How do I customize my delivery emails with my brand?

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