You can give permission to your clients so that they can distribute the content in the same way.

Types of permissions

  • Download: Clients you grant this permission will have the ability to download the video or the video(s) in the collection that was delivered to them.

  • Distribute: Clients to whom you grant this permission will have the ability to deliver the content to other email addresses.
    This feature is useful when you want to deliver the content to one of your customers, and they will decide who else it will be delivered to without the creator needing to be involved in the process.

Giving permissions

Follow these steps to send invitations with permissions to redistribute:

1. Select the video or collection you want to deliver.

2. Click on the title below the thumbnail and select the "Deliver" option.


3. In the "send to" section, you can add the emails to whom you want to send the video or collection.


4. You can add a personalized message to your customers about why they are receiving this email.


5. In the permissions section, all users will by default have permission to view the content. However, you can add permissions so they can also download or redistribute the content.


*If you want only some clients to have access to download and others access to distribute, you will have to send the invitations in a separate batch.

To see how your client can distribute the content, follow this link: How can I distribute content sent to me?

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