If you received a video or a collection and were granted permission to distribute it, it is very simple.

1. Log in to your account at https://www.mediazilla.com/signin

2. Once there, you will find the videos or collections that have been delivered to you.
Open the video or collection you wish to distribute.

3. Click on the deliver button. If you do not see this button, you have not been granted permission by the content creator to deliver it to others.


4. A screen will appear where you can add the emails to whom you want to deliver the content.


5. You can add up to 500 emails separated by a comma or space.


6. You can add a personalized message for the people who will receive the email.


7. You can give permissions to the emails you are adding to only view the content or download it as well.

*You can give permission to download as long as you have been given permission to do so as well.


8. And simply click send, and the emails you added will receive an invitation.

*If you want only some clients to have access to download and others access to only view, you will have to do it in different groups.


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