To download a video, you will find a download button in the collection or videos sent to you.

(Note: if you do not find the download button, it means that the download option is not enabled. Please contact the creator to request the activation of this option).


Once we click on the download option, it will show us all the videos associated with the collection, and we will be able to download them. Simply click on the video you want to download, and the download will start.


If the video has been on the platform for over 28 days, the original file will need to be retrieved from archives before it can be downloaded. Attempting to download the video will initiate the retrieval process, and you will be emailed when it becomes available to download. It can take 12 hours or more to retrieve the file from the archives. Once it is recovered, the original video version will be available for 5 days.

The retrieve is only for the "original files." The HD and SD versions will be available to download right away.

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