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Can I create a “Play All” button for multiple videos?
Can I create a “Play All” button for multiple videos?

How to use the Play All feature

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A "Play All" button can be added to any presentation menu allowing for truly seamless playback of individually uploaded video segments.

How do I add a Play All button?

At the top of the presentation editor, you will see an option to add a "Play All" button to the current menu.

A Play All button can be added when the following criteria are met:

  1. There must be at least (2) video buttons on the current menu page.

  2. There cannot already be a Play All button on the current menu page as there can only be one 'play all' button on a page at a time.

  3. You must have a Pro plan or above.

  4. All the videos on the menu page must have been uploaded to MediaZilla after September 2020. If you wish to use the play-all feature with videos uploaded prior to that date, you will need to re-upload them which will allow our platform to encode the videos using a newer format that supports this seamless video stitching technology.

How it Works

  1. The Play All button will only play through the videos on the current menu page, not videos from other menu pages in the presentation. Each menu page in a presentation can have its own Play All button.

  2. Videos included in the Play All will always start from the beginning of that video segment, not from the specified start time of the button that references it. As such, we do not recommend using video start times in combination with a Play All button. It is best to use one or the other.

  3. Looping a video over and over again can be achieved by adding multiple buttons on the menu page that reference the same video. E.g. If you have 10 buttons on a menu that reference the same video, the Play-All button will loop the video 10 times before returning to the menu.

  4. If you chose to display thumbnail images for your buttons, the play-all button will use the thumbnail of the first video in the sequence by default. You can change the thumbnail in the button's settings just like any other button on the menu.

  5. If you add the Play All button to a menu and then delete all the video buttons, the Play All button will automatically be deleted. There must always be at least two video buttons on a menu to support a Play All button.

  6. The Play All button is always added as the first button in the list of buttons, but it can be repositioned just like any other button.

  7. The Play All button can be renamed just like any other button.

  8. When viewers go to download the videos in a presentation that contains a play-all button, they will only see the individual videos, not the long play-all video.

  9. Analytics are tracked for the individual videos in a presentation even when they are viewed within the stitched together play-all video.

  10. To support 4K playback using the Play All button, all the videos on the menu page must be 4K. If one or more of the videos are only HD quality, playback will be limited to HD quality for all the videos in the sequence.

How is MediaZilla's Play-All solution unique?

Unlike the play-all solutions implemented by other platforms where viewers only see one video segment at a time in the player, MediaZilla takes a unique approach and stitches together all the separate video segments into one seamless video. This method provides a superior experience for the viewer.

Instead of forcing the viewer to load one segment at a time with a next/previous button, which can be a nightmare when there are lots of segments, MediaZilla's solution allows the viewer to quickly scrub through the entire sequence of videos as if they were just one long video. There is no loading time between the segments and the viewer is able to see the entire combined duration instead of only the duration of the current segment. The viewer will be completely unaware the single video they are watching is comprised of separate individual videos. This allows you to optimize your workflow by exporting long videos in smaller segments without compromising the viewer's experience.

The play-all button can be generated instantly without processing time, and there is no re-encoding of the videos and no usage of quota!

Working with Legacy Videos

Videos uploaded prior to October 2020 were encoded using a format that is not compatible with our video stitching technology. As such, if you wish to use the Play All feature with those videos, you must re-upload them.

Tip: The best way to re-encode an older video is using the "Replace Video" option in the settings of the individual videos. This method prevents you from having to make any changes to the presentations containing the video. If you do not have the original file on your computer, you can download the original from MediaZilla. Be sure to only use the original version, not the encoded HD/SD versions as to avoid generational quality loss.

Alternative Play-All Workflows

Another workflow for allowing the viewer to playback multiple videos in sequence is to export and upload them as one long single video. Each chapter/segment within the long video can then be referenced from a presentation menu with buttons using a specified start time.

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