The tutorial below demonstrates an efficient workflow for creating a scene selection (chapters) menu:

The start time of a collection video is set within the button's settings. When you specify a start time for a video, this is essentially creating a chapter point at that time and starting the video from that chapter.

  1. Start by adding the video to the menu. "+ Video button". Select the video and click 'OK'.

  2. Once the video has been added to the menu, open the settings of the button by selecting it from the tree view on the left side panel. You can also hover over the button and select the settings icon.

  3. The start time can automatically be set to the current time using the stopwatch to the right of the timecode, or you can manually enter it in hh:mm:ss format.

  4. Once the start time and button title has been set for the first button, you can easily create another chapter button by clicking 'Make a Copy'. This will make a new button and load its settings, allowing you to quickly set a new start time for the next button and repeat the process.

If you want to see some examples check the links in this article.

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