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How do I embed chapters in my videos?
How do I embed chapters in my videos?

How to embed chapters in your videos using Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve

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Chapter markers can be created in your editing timeline and embedded into the video file when you export with Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve.

When you upload your video to MediaZilla, these chapters are automatically detected and imported. This streamlines your workflow when creating scene selections within a Presentation, saving valuable time.

We have provided instructions below on how to embed chapters with various editing programs.

DaVinci Resolve

  1. Add markers to your timeline (M key).

  2. Double-click the marker to specify the chapter title in the 'Name' field. Set all your chapter markers to use the same color.

  3. When you are ready to export, click the 'Deliver' rocket icon in the lower-right.

  4. In the export settings on the left, select the MP4 format and H.265 or H.264 codec. H.265 is more efficient and can achieve better quality at the same bitrate as H.264. For 4K content, always use H.265.

  5. The resolution should be the same as your source content.

  6. Below the frame rate, select “Chapters from markers”, then choose the timeline marker color you used for all your chapter markers.

  7. Click 'Add to Render Queue' and proceed with the export. Your exported video file will contain embedded chapter markers.

Apple Final Cut Pro

  1. Add a marker to a clip in the timeline where you want the chapter to begin.

  2. Change the marker to a chapter marker by double-clicking it and, when the marker controls appear, click the Chapter Marker button.

  3. Specify the chapter title in the field and click 'Done'.

  4. Go to File > Share > Master File…

  5. Go into "Settings"

  6. Set Format to "Computer".

  7. Set Video Codec to H.264 or H.265 (H.265 is more efficient and can achieve higher quality at the same bitrate as H.264)

  8. Set the quality to 'Better Quality' or 'Faster Encode', depending on how long you want to wait (quality difference is minor).

  9. Set Resolution to the same as the source video

  10. Check 'Include chapter markers'

  11. Click 'Next'

  12. Choose where you want to save it, then click 'Save'

Note: FCPX does not embed poster frame data in the video, so if you specified your chapter poster frames in Final Cut Pro and want to import this into MediaZilla, you should export the XML file instead of embedding the chapters.

Adobe Premiere

Note: Adobe Premiere currently only supports embedding chapters in QuickTime MOV files. It does not support embedding chapters in mp4 files. For this reason, we recommend exporting in the mp4 format (h.264 or h.265) and exporting your chapters separately. This allows you to benefit from the mp4 file format with superior codecs (h.264 or h.265).

If you prefer to export using the QuickTime MOV format, you can embed using the instructions below.

  1. Move the playhead to the point where you want to add a marker.

  2. Select Marker > Add Marker, or press the M key.

  3. Edit the marker by double-clicking the marker icon to open the Marker dialog box.

  4. Specify the chapter title in the 'Name' field.

  5. Check the box next to 'Chapter Marker' to indicate it is a chapter marker and click OK.

  6. With the timeline selected, go to File > Export > Media…

  7. In the export settings, set format to ‘QuickTime’

  8. Click ‘Metadata’ towards the bottom, then select ‘Embed in Output File’ for the export options and check 'Include markers'.

  9. Select the Output Name to change the name of the output file and location.

  10. Select ‘Send to Media Encoder’ or ‘Export’

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