Enable: When Link Sharing is enabled, the video or collection can be viewed by anyone who has the share link. When disabled, the share link immediately becomes inaccessible.

Password Protect: Specifying a password in this field will require a viewer to enter the password before they can view the video or collection from the share link.

Allow Video Downloading: By enabling this option, you allow the viewer to download the original uploaded files of the video or collection. For more details, see this article.

Hide Share Button: This option hides the share icon that displays in the upper-right of the menu or video. One reason you may want to toggle this on is if you embed the video or collection on your website and do not want to provide an easy method for viewers to share that content by itself (thus bypassing your website). Otherwise, we recommend not hiding the icon as it allows viewers to easily grab the share link or post the link directly to their social media accounts.

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