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Can I make the original videos available for download?
Can I make the original videos available for download?
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Absolutely! The content creator can make the original uploaded file available for download to viewers or clients.

This feature is controlled separately for the Share Link and Private Delivery recipients. This separation allows you to make a public URL accessible without viewers being able to download, while at the same time enabling the client to download the original files from within their free account.

Downloading works on both mobile and desktop. iPhone users must have iOS 13 or above to support file downloading from Safari.

Downloading from a Share Link

In the share link settings (accessible only by the content creator), there is a toggle for "Allow Video Downloading." When you enable this, only those viewing the share link will have the option to download.

Share Link Settings

Download Button While Viewing the Share Link

Downloading from a Private Delivery

The Private Delivery settings (only accessible by the content creator) can give permissions to the different users". When permission to download is enabled, only those that received a Private Delivery will be able to download. Recipients of the Private Delivery can then download from the page displayed when they launch a video or presentation.

Learn more about permissions here.

Private Delivery Settings

Download Button when Private Delivery Recipient is Viewing within their Account

Retrieving Archived Files

28 days after a video is uploaded, the original file is placed into archive storage and is not immediately available for download. The encoded versions will always remain immediately accessible for playback and download. If you attempt to download an original archived file, you will receive a notification that it is being retrieved and will be ready in a few hours. It can take up to 12 hours to retrieve a video from archives. Once it becomes available, you will receive a notification in your dashboard as well as an email with a link to download the file.

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