Here you will learn how to download and prepare an offline collection for Windows.

Run an offline collection on Windows, and it's pretty simple. Right after doing so, you can copy-paste it as many times as you want on different devices like an external USB and run on any other computer.

1. Create and Download an Offline Collection

To export a collection for offline viewing, click the title of the collection in your dashboard and select "Export Offline."


This will open a screen that displays the status of the build process and allows you to start the build.


Click "Build Now," and we will begin processing your request. We provide an estimate of when your file will be ready to download. You may close the window after initiating the build.


Only the content creator is able to download this file. Clients and Digital Delivery recipients cannot at this time.

When the build process is complete, you will receive an email notification to download the file. You can also return to the "Export Offline" screen of the collection, where you will see a button to download.


2. Extracting on Windows

Once downloaded, right-click on the zip file and select "Extract All" from the menu. Choose a location and click "Extract." If you are delivering to a client, provide them with all the files extracted from the zip archive.


3. Running the App on Windows

To launch the collection, double-click on the executable (You will find it as "YOUR COLLECTION NAME-win" and has the Z icon).


You may receive a warning that Microsoft Defender prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Click “More Info,” then "Run anyway."

If you receive a warning about your firewall blocking some features, you may select "Allow access."


4. Preparing the offline collection on Windows for Mac users

If you are on Windows, you are limited as to how much you can prepare the offline collection for Mac users. If you downloaded and extracted the files on Windows and are delivering them to a Mac user, they will need to perform a few steps the first time they launch the application (go through a normal app installation process.

Apple doesn't allow a Mac app to be authenticated with the Windows Operating System. As such, you have two options to pursue.

Option 1: Authenticate the offline collection once on a Mac computer prior to delivering it to your client. Step 3 Configure the App on Mac in the following link is the required authentication step that can only be done on a Mac.
Click here to learn more about how the offline collection works on macOS.

Option 2: Provide your client with all the files extracted from the zip archive. Instruct them to follow Step 3 Configure the App on Mac in the following link. Click here to learn more about how the offline collection works on macOS. This is a very similar and easy process your Mac clients follow to install other familiar apps like Zoom, Dropbox, Slack.

Please always keep the “videos” folder in the same location as the collection, or else the videos will not work.

Now you are ready to distribute the offline content. You can copy/paste it into a cloud folder such as Google Drive and share the folder or onto as many USBs as you want to share with different users.

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