In this article, we are going to learn the basics of MediaZilla to master the platform and deliver the best experiences to your clients.

Upload a video

The first thing you will need to learn is how to upload a video!

Please watch the video below that will explain step by step how to upload your first video.

Learn more about uploading media here.

Content Organization

We have designed a dashboard that will help keep all of your videos, collections, and projects organized.

Learn more about Managing and Organizing your media here.


Have you heard about our Collection feature?

You can create a full experience for your clients and viewers with menus pointing to different videos in your library or start the video at the minute you configure.

Learn more about the collections here.

Offline collection

At some point you may want to deliver your collections to your clients offline. Need to download a collection to a USB? We have you covered!

Learn more about Downloading and Offline Viewing here.

Now you know the necessary steps to start to deliver the best experiences to your users and clients.

To learn more about additional great features please visit the main page of our Help Center.

Do not forget to tell your users and clients to download our Apps to watch the content you share with them on their favorites devices.

Learn more about compatible devices here.



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