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How do I manage user roles?
Updated over a week ago

Note: You must have Admin privileges to manage users.

  1. Navigate to your β€œCompany Settings” from the company drop-down in the upper-left of your dashboard.

  2. From the β€œUsers” section, select the current role displayed next to the user you wish to update, then choose the new role from the dropdown.

There are three unique roles in a company:

  • Admin: Full access to everything in the account. There can only be one admin of a company. This role cannot currently be assigned to another user.

  • Manager: This role can access and modify any media in the account. It does not have access to company settings (e.g. company profile, payment methods, add-ons, integrations, plan changes).

  • Contributor: This role can only access and modify media they upload or create.

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