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What happens if I use up all my quota before my annual renewal?
What happens if I use up all my quota before my annual renewal?

Approve additional quota and pay per GB once you use all your quota.

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Need more space? Upon uploading a file that will put you over your plan's allotted upload quota, you will be prompted to either upgrade your plan or approve an additional quota in order to continue uploading.

You can approve additional quota in the "Upgrade Plan" section of your Company Settings or by clicking Upgrade Plan in the company drop-down from the upper-left corner of your dashboard.

You have the choice of paying for an additional upload quota per GB or upgrading to a higher plan (if one exists).

Note: You must have Admin privileges for the company you are attempting to upgrade. Users with "Contributor" or "Manager" privileges will not see the option to upgrade.

Click here to learn how to upgrade your plan.

Early Renewal

You can make an early renewal instead of upgrading or paying per additional GB. We'll process a new annual fee, and you'll have a fresh upload quota. Please note that your renewal date will be modified. Only applies to annual billing plans.

To process an early renewal, please approach us at

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