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How do I generate captions for my videos?
How do I generate captions for my videos?
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Enable Generate Captions

Captions can be generated for your uploaded videos using AI, making them accessible to more viewers. This service is provided as an add-on to your membership plan. To configure this add-on, an Admin user must navigate to the company Add-ons page and change the Generate Captions to 'Automatic' or 'Manual'.


When set to Automatic, all uploaded videos on a go-forward basis will automatically have captions generated for them. Any videos previously uploaded without captions will need to have them manually generated from the captions tab of the video's settings (see below).


When set to Manual, captions will not automatically be generated for your videos. Instead, you get to choose which videos have captions generated.

To manually generate captions for a video that doesn't already have them, open the video.

From the captions tab, click the 'Generate Captions' button. You will see the status update to "Transcribed' once it has been completed.


When set to 'Disabled', captions cannot be automatically or manually generated for videos. An admin user would set this to disabled if they didn't want other users in the company to use this add-on.

Turn On Captions as a Viewer

Captions are off by default for viewers but can be turned on from the 'CC' icon in the player controls (see below). The primary spoken language is automatically detected and appropriately labeled for the viewer.

Removing Captions

To remove captions from a video, you must set 'Generate Captions' to Disabled or Manual and then re-upload the video.

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