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Upload your videos from your desktop (Windows or Mac)

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You can download our desktop application for Windows or macOS and automatically upload videos to your MediaZilla account!

The first step is to download the application for Windows or macOS. Find the download links below:

Once the application is downloaded and installed, open the application and enter your username and password.

Then click on "Connect a Watch Folder"

If there are already videos in the folder we just selected, it will ask us if we want to upload the videos to the folder or watch for new files only.

When you have selected the folder on your computer, you will find the folder in the "Watch Folder" section that is connected.

Now all you have to do is export or copy the videos you want to upload into the Watch folder, and they will automatically upload to your account.

You can see the progress of your videos in the "Recent uploads" tab.

You can also cancel or pause videos that are uploading.

You will find your videos inside the "Uploaded from Desktop App" project within your MediaZilla account. If this project does not exist, it will be created automatically.

And that's it! Your videos are in MediaZilla, and once there, you can modify the project name or move them to the project of your choice. Enjoy!
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