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How do I embed MediaZilla content on Wix?
How do I embed MediaZilla content on Wix?
Updated over a week ago
  1. Click ‘Add’ on the left side of the Editor.

  2. Click 'Embed'.

  3. Click 'Custom Embeds'

  4. Click Embed a Widget

  5. Click 'Enter Code'.

  6. From your MediaZilla dashboard, click on the 3 dots in the lower-right corner of the video or presentation and select 'Embed'. This will load the Share Link and Embed page for it. Under the 'Embed code' section, click 'Copy code' for the video or presentation. We recommend using the 'Responsive' code instead of 'Fixed Size'.

  7. Paste the code into the Wix window and click 'Update'.

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