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Change permissions and resend Private Delivery invitation
Change permissions and resend Private Delivery invitation
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Resend Invitation

When you use the Private Delivery feature, an invitation is sent to the specified email addresses.

If the recipient does NOT accept this invitation within 30 days, this invitation will expire, and a new one will need to be sent.

To resend an invitation, open the video or presentation, and select 'Privately Deliver'.

Within the Privately Deliver tab, select 'Recipients' at the top.

Select all the emails to which you wish to resend the invitation and click "Resend Delivery."

Tip: If you want to quickly resend the invitations to everyone that has not yet taken possession, you can select all the recipients at the top, then Resend Delivery. Only those who have not yet taken possession will be resent an invitation.

Note: If a delivery is marked as Received and the recipient claims to not be able to see the video or presentation, please contact us and we would be happy to assist.

Change Permissions

If you want to change the permissions of the video or presentation:

Select the emails you want to modify, and click on "Change Permissions" at the top

Enable or disable the permissions you wish to change.

Click outside the dropdown, and you will see the permissions update in the list.

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