Plans for End-Users (clients of our paid members)

Free viewers: Free accounts are created from either the client portal page of the Digital Delivery email or the main website (click 'Start Free' in the upper-right corner). This account type does not expire and is for viewing and downloading content that was delivered by a paid member. It does not support uploading videos or creating/editing collections.

Plans for Businesses, Institutions, and Professionals

Trial: Trial accounts give users access to nearly all features, free for 14 days. No credit card is required. The account is limited to 10 GB of upload quota and allows users to upload videos, create collections, share, and deliver. Digital Deliveries will be removed from the recipient's account in 7 days unless the trial account is converted to a paid membership. Client downloading is not included with the trial.

Free: Pay as you go. No annual or monthly fee.

Pro: The most popular plan, the Pro membership provides up to 600 GB per year of upload quota and also includes unlimited collections and Digital Deliveries.

Business: The Business plan includes all the features of the Pro plan and starts at 1.2 TB of upload quota per year. Members pay per gigabyte of upload usage over 1.2 TB and have no limits.

Enterprise: This is a custom plan for any size organization, we can adapt to your necessity. Please visit our dedicated Enterprise page for more information.

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