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How do I import files from Google Drive or Dropbox?
How do I import files from Google Drive or Dropbox?
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Videos can be imported from Google Drive or Dropbox directly into your MediaZilla account.

Open the Video Upload Manager in the upper-right corner and select the 'Upload Videos' button at the top. Alternatively, you can click the "Upload" button at the top from within a project.

On the Upload Video screen that appears, select a destination project for where you want the files to go upon import. The destination is automatically set when uploading from within a project.

Then, select Google Drive or Dropbox from the Source list.

Click the "Connect to Google Drive/Dropbox" button that appears below. This will prompt you to select which Google or Dropbox account you would like to link with your MediaZilla account. The Google account linked here can be different from the Google account used to sign into your MediaZilla account.

For the transfer to work, you must allow the permissions that are requested.

Once linked, a file explorer will launch, allowing you to select any number of videos from your linked Google Drive or Dropbox account.

Once you have chosen the files to import, click 'Select' or 'Choose' at the bottom of the file explorer.

You will now see the status of that import in the upload manager.

Tip: Importing videos from Google Drive or Dropbox happens entirely in the cloud, allowing you to shut down your computer after only initiating the import. You will continue to see the status of the import after returning to your MediaZilla dashboard.

To disconnect the linked Google Drive or Dropbox account, click the green link icon to the right of the service. This will allow you to link to a different Google or Dropbox account.

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