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Why did I not receive the invitation email?
Why did I not receive the invitation email?

How to make you and your users receive MediaZilla communications, emails and invitations to take posession of the content.

Updated over a week ago

If you sent an invitation via "private delivery" and you or your clients do not receive it in their inbox or spam folder, you'll probably need to whitelist the mediazilla domain to make sure you receive communications and invitations from MediaZilla and don't miss the access to your content, you just need to follow the next steps:

1. Click the gear icon in Gmail and select “See all settings” from the Quick Settings menu.

2. Navigate to “Filters and Blocked Addresses” in the top menu.

3. Select “Create a new filter.”

In Gmail, whitelisting an email actually involves creating a filter.

4. Add a specific email or a whole domain in the “From” field.

The “From” field is where I specify what’s getting whitelisted. In Gmail, I can specify either a specific email address (e.g., or, or I can whitelist a whole domain by omitting everything before the at symbol (e.g.,

The former will whitelist one specific email address, while the latter whitelists anyone who is sending emails from that domain.

5. Click “Create filter.”

From there, I don’t need to input any additional information. I simply click the “Create filter” button at the bottom of the window (next to the blue “Search” button).

6. Check “Never send it to Spam” in the checkbox.

Clicking the button brings up a new window. Here’s where I actually specify that I’m whitelisting an email. In Gmail, I do this by checking the “Never send it to spam: box.

Doing so will ensure that emails that meet the criteria I specified never end up in Spam or Trash (unless I move them there manually).

7. Click “Create filter.”

Once this information is specified, I click the Create filter button again, and this creates the whitelist within Gmail.

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