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How do I replace a video in a Presentation?
How do I replace a video in a Presentation?
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Method 1: Replace the Entire Video in Your Account

If you are replacing an old version of a video with a new version and no longer want the old version in your account, the easiest way to replace the video in a presentation is to use the "Replace" feature from the context menu of the video within your dashboard (not within the presentation editor). Doing this will quickly swap the video out, and all presentations that referenced the old video will now reference the new one. To learn more about replacing a standalone video, please read this article.

Method 2: Change Video in the Button Settings

If you have already uploaded the new video without using the ‘Replace’ feature, you will need to go into the settings of each button that references the old video and select "Change Video". You can open the settings for a button by selecting the button from the tree view on the right-side panel of the presentation editor. Simply select the new video version and click "OK" at the bottom.

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