MediaZilla Affiliate Program.

You will earn money for every paid member you refer and every free trial referral that converts to a paid member.

The first thing you need to do is subscribe to the program by clicking on the top-right icon.


Agree and accept the terms

And you'll be redirected to the dashboard, don't forget to add your Paypal account for the payout.

The New Affiliate Dashboard

Once you click on the Gift icon in your account and accept the Affiliate Terms, you will see your Affiliate Dashboard. You can see the number of clicks, signups, customers, and your pending payout. The dashboard has been optimized for mobile viewing as well!


You will also see your unique affiliate link when you scroll to the bottom of the dashboard.

You'll need to share this link with your referrals to sign up, and we'll know the new user is yours.


Thanks for trusting MediaZilla and sharing the platform.

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