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Focal Point Selector

The focal point is a feature that will ensure a specific area of the image is always in view, regardless of the size or aspect of the viewer's screen. For example, a wide image will be cropped on the sides when viewed on a mobile device in portrait orientation. Specifying the focal point ensures the main subject in your image is never cropped off.

In the example below, the focal point is centered on the giraffe which will keep it in view after reducing the width of the menu:

Multi-Device Preview

We've updated the collection preview allowing you to toggle between various device types at the top. This is a great way to quickly see how the menu will also appear on mobile and tablets, especially after adjusting the focal point.

Improved Button Scrolling

Button scrolling has been completely refactored for collection menus to provide a significantly improved user experience. On touch screen devices, you can now swipe across the menu buttons to scroll quickly and intuitively. On desktops, you can use your mouse wheel, trackpad, or arrow keys to scroll through buttons, both vertical and horizontal. This makes it so much easier to quickly navigate through large numbers of buttons. Go check it out!

Collections Now Display in Any Aspect Ratio

Collection menus are no longer fixed to a 16:9 ratio, allowing them to take advantage of the viewer's entire screen. The new focal point feature allows this functionality to always look good. Without the ability to select a focal point, your image would surely get cropped undesirably with certain screen aspects.

We've also improved the layout of the buttons and titles in every possible screen resolution and aspect ratio.

Significantly Improved Mobile Experience

In addition to the improved scrolling with swiping (this makes such a big difference!), we've fine-tuned the appearance of every possible button style combination so that it looks fantastic on mobile devices, which most of your viewers are using!

Improved Branding on Mobile Portrait Orientation

If you've enabled your branding to be displayed on a collection, we've relocated your logo while viewing it in portrait orientation on mobile. It has been moved from the bottom-left corner to the top-center against a solid background for optimal visibility, access, and aesthetics.

Advanced Collision Detection System for Titles

We've created an advanced collision detection system with the titles, which prevents them from colliding with each other and the button navigation (if possible), while staying inside the safe area. This is some really cool tech we built here that we'll have to write a blog about separately for those that are interested.

Vertical Button Alignment

Vertical buttons are now vertically centered on the screen along with the titles for optimal composition. Previously they were always aligned to the top of the screen, which didn't look the best when there were only a few buttons.

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