Public Release

Low-High Bit Warning Removed

We have removed the automatic low and high bit warning messages due to increased demand from our members to not having the need to click multiple times to process the video.

It’s Easier to Create a Project

As soon as you click on create a project, we put the cursor inside the text field so you can enter the project name right away.

You can Use HTTP For Company Site URL

Previously, we had automatically used HTTPS for site URLs. You can now set it as either HTTPS or HTTP. If you don’t enter any, it will default to HTTPS.

You Can See An Indicator When A Text Is Copied

We noticed you (and ourselves) clicking on that Copy Clipboard icon multiple times to ensure we’ve copied the text. Now, we are displaying a confirmation for you that the text has been copied in multiple places.

The Branding Modal Stays Displayed When The Viewer Is Inactive

Previously, The Branding Modal that shows your logo and contact information would fade after a few seconds of inactivity. The Branding Modal will stay so that the viewer has more control.

When Your Branded Logo Is Clicked, The Video Pauses

When the viewer interacts with a branding logo on a video, the video will pause if it is playing.

Your Horizontal Logos Display Nicely On Branding Modals

The Branding Modal now supports a larger variety of dimensions.

Company logos Update Immediately Without Refreshing Page.

When editing your company profile, you can upload a logo and immediately see how it appears without the need to refresh the page.

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