1. Collections are created within projects. Navigate into an existing project by selecting the project on your dashboard, or create a new project from the "+ New" button at the top of the dashboard.

  2. Once you are in a project, create a collection by selecting "Collection" from the "+ New" button.

  3. Enter a title and description (optional) for the collection, then click "Create". If desired, you may also change the location where the collection will be created.

  4. Next, the collection editor launches so that you can customize the appearance and which videos the collection will reference. For details on this process, please reference the Collections Overview.

  5. Once you have finished customizing the menu(s), select "Publish" in the lower left of the collection editor. Once published, the collection can then be shared, embedded, or delivered just like a video.

You can also create a collection by making a copy of an existing collection. For instructions, please refer to the following article: How do I make a copy of a collection?

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